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"Scatting, belting, or crooning, she communicates the exhuberant freedom of jazz."
- Scott Sublett
The Washington Times

Photos by Tom Bricker



Pam's CD, U-Topia, awarded the Wammie for Best Contemporary Jazz album of 2001, is available for sale here, and at major e-tailers. Pam, Wayne Wilentz (piano) and Jim West (drums) performed at U-topia (14th and U St. NW, Washington DC) for over a decade. This CD does a fabulous job of capturing the feel of their live performance (minus the talking and ringing cash register) and their diverse repertoire. Tracks cover everything from Charlie Parker's "Ornithology" and Mingus's "Goodbye Porkpie Hat" to Steely Dan's "Home at Last" and Hendrix's "Up from the Skies." Pam's swinging original "It's Not Too Soon" and Wayne's funky "Lover Come Back" are also featured.


The new Thievery Corporation album, The Mirror Conspiracy, has three tunes featuring Pam: the title track, "Air Batacuda" and "Lebanese Blonde." Rolling Stone says of Pam's performance: "On the surefire lounge classic 'Lebanese Blonde,' Pam Bricker's stoned-sexy vocals suck you in faster than the narcotic highs she lovingly details." Gee, and all along, she thought the song was about a Lebanese chic with a dye job. You can order Mirror Conspiracy here.
This CD single for "Lebanese Blonde" has the vocal version with Pam, an instrumental version, and the tune "Coming from the Top." To order the CDS, click here. To here a clip, click here.

Thievery's first critically-accliamed album, Sounds from the Thievery Hi-Fi is a globe-trotting mix of house music, reggae, hip-hop, bossa, jazz and more. Pam can be heard on the track "Incident At Gate 7." You can order "Sounds..." here. To hear a clip of "Incident" (which Pam co-wrote), click here.

Pammy also does a gorgeous rendition of "Corcovado" (in Portugese) on Way Out There, Eric Hilton of Thievery's side project Exodus Quartet. You can order Way Out There right here. A short clip of "Corcovado" is available here.

Pam does a guest vocal on John Bergin's most recent C17H19NO3 recording "1692/2092." She does a wild cover of the jazz standard "I Cover the Waterfront" (think Billie Holiday singing in a bar in Blade Runner). Pam also wrote original lyrics for the tune. This is a very dark and haunting electronica tune which is a *big* departure for Pam musically. Definitely not for delicate ears. You can order it through John's website, and download an MP3 of Waterfront by clicking here BTW: Those are are Pam's eyes on the cover.
Pam contributes vocals and song co-writing to a number of tunes on artist/musician John Bergin's latest Tertium Non Data project. Pam sings on and wrote lyrics to three tunes (Low, I Know You Will, and Hers is Blood) and sings on the no-holes-barred cover of Led Zepplin's "When the Levee Breaks." Again: this is not music for those with delicate aural constitutions. What can we say, the gal has diverse musical interests! To order, go here. To download an MP3 of the track Low, click here.


Unfortunately, Pam's CD Lookin' Good, featuring Dave Frishberg, is sold out. We hope to have more available at some point. In the meantime, you can hear a clip of the tune "I Can't Take You Nowhere" on the DCJa zz Jukebox. (Note: You need the RealAudio player to hear the sample.) If you have an MP3 player, you can also hear "Zoot Walks In."


Dave Frishberg & Pam


The DCJazz Jukebox also has RealAudio clips of:

"I'm Beginning To See The Light" (from the Pam Bricker/Rick Harris CD Echoes of Mad Romance)

"Nobody Else But Me" (from the Pam Bricker/Rick Harris CD All the Things You Are)

If you have an MP3 player, you can hear:

"Nice Work If You Can Get It" (from Echoes Of Mad Romance)

"Come Together" (from All the Things You Are)

From the Pam Bricker/Rick Harris CD
All the Things You Are

Never Never Land


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